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We watched the trashiest Christmas films on Netflix and here’s what we thought

So bad they’re good?

It's certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we know everyone needs some festive films to get in the spirit. Of course, there's all the traditional favourites, Elf, It's A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, but sometimes we all just need something trashy and ridiculous when we have our December deadlines fast approaching. That's why we thought we would round up some of the trashiest Christmas films on Netflix for you all.

Christmas Inheritance

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Typically trashy and romantic , Christmas Inheritance follows ambitious and slightly snooty, Ellen Langford on her mission in order to inherit her father's company . She travels incognito to her hometown Snow Falls, where she doesn't exactly fit in anymore, to deliver a Christmas card to her dad's former partner, an inn owner, called Jake Collins. Ellen gets stuck in her hometown due to a Snow Storm and discovers the true meaning of Christmas. What more could you ask for?

The Holiday Calendar

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Our personal favourite trashy Netflix Christmas film is The Holiday Calendar. Cheesy, somewhat bad, but heartwarming, this film encapsulates festivity and Christmas spirit. Abby, the main character, is a struggling photographer who at the beginning of the film receives an antique advent calendar from her grandfather. Of course, the calendar is magic -duh. The magical calendar brings Abby luck and love and she even finds herself caught up in a love triangle. Don't worry though , being a Christmas movie, Abby gets her happy ever after.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

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We've seen journalist/Princess Amber fall in love with and then marry her Prince Charming or her Prince Richard should we say. Now naturally it's time we all got invested in the next stage of her personal life: her. pregnancy. As much as we all loved the first two films, this third film is the icing on the Christmas cake. Fantastically unrealistic and ridiculous, we loved the mystery, the supernatural sub plot and obviously, Amber's ability to investigate even when in heavy labour!

The Princess Switch

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The Princess Switch is a modernised re-make of The Parent Trap starring yours truly Gabriella Montez – whoops, sorry Vanessa Anne Hudgens. A baker and a duchess switch places and romance blooms. Cliche but cosy, this is a December must watch.

The Christmas Trap or Christmas in the Heartland

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Another Parent Trap re-make, The Christmas Trap stars Sierra McCormick a late Disney channel star in TV shows Jessie and A.N.T. Farm. We're not sure why this film has two names. But it's just an early sign of how dreadfully cringe-worthy this film is. It features a Christmas beauty pageant and a whole lot of family drama. It's bad. But, no matter how bad, by the time you hit Boxing Day, sometimes you just need something else to watch.

Santa Girl

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Prepare yourself. This is really weird. Jennifer Stone, or as you may know her Harper from Wizards of Waverley Place, plays Santa Claus' daughter. Cassie (Jennifer Stone) is determined to have a normal college experience before she is forced into an arranged marriage by her father with Jack Frost's son. Surprise , surprise – Jack Frost is evil. Things go downhill fairly quickly in this film. Cassie is accompanied to college by her hyper elf friend Pep , who we won't lie, becomes fairly annoying and the whole film is so budget, especially with it's tape-on fake elf ears. Yeah – look forward to that. We won't ruin it for you – just go watch it for yourself.

Angel of Christmas

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A journalist has her life changed in ways she could have never imagined while writing an article about her family Christmas angel handcrafted by her great grandfather. Yes we know another journalist and another magical Christmas ornament. Predictably, the angel brings people together at the festive time of year. Guess what – while writing her article Susan meets Brady, an artist, and his opposite the successful Derek. How will she choose? Enjoy…

The Knight Before Christmas

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Terrible. Absolutely terrible. This is probably the worst of the worst. This one may be a bit harder to sit through. But it's another classic Vanessa Anne Hudgens romance so it may be worth your while if you can put up with some unbearable jokes, awkward moments and a strange 14th century medieval knight who travels through time to the 21st century to "fulfil his quest".