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Joe’s Bar will be staying open late to screen the election results!

The perfect place to watch it all go down?

If, like me, you were planning on cuddling up in bed with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and BBC iPlayer to watch the election results, you may want to revise your plans.

Joe's Bar will be staying open until the results are in (or until 4am if it's still somehow going on after then). Yes, those TVs that are for some reason still on during Fab will be showcasing the shitshow that is the 2019 General Election.

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Blue lights really do emphasize those GE sorrows

Now I know that, for many, £2 pints would significantly ease the pain of watching the country fall apart, so why not head down to the Guild and spend the night in the least depressing way possible? There will also be an election themed quiz for you to flex your knowledge of manifestos which may or may not involve selling the NHS.

What better way to spend the night?