Nominate UoB’s Maddest Fresher 2019 here!

Do you have what it takes to nab the title?


The competition for UoB’s Maddest Fresher 2019 has landed, and nominations are open now.

As week five quickly approaches, most of us are starting to resign ourselves to the realities of uni life – our days are dedicated to the library, and our nights to the sofa and reality tv, or maybe the pub if we’re feeling brave. But for some UoB students, Freshers’ week was a new beginning – a chance to run wild like they never have before.

Everyone has their own crazy Freshers’ story, but we want to meet the best of the bunch, the maddest Fresher of them all. Maybe they’ve taken a dip in the Vale lake, or maybe they’ve been to A&E so much they need a loyalty card. Maybe they’ve been banned from half the clubs in Brum, or perhaps they’ve trashed the flat kitchen with the biggest party Maple Bank has ever seen – hell, maybe they tried to scale Old Joe after the first Fab of the year.

Whatever the wild story, we want to hear it, so nominate your mate (or yourself, we won’t judge) below! The top nominations will be published, so be sure to fill out the form, and then the student population of UoB will have the chance to vote on their winner.