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Here’s everything you need to know to survive final year at Birmingham

Make the most of your last year of freedom

Final year at uni is hard, there’s no doubt about that. So we've put together a definitive guide on how to get through it. We asked Brum graduates to share their best tips to get through final year (and still make it out with a degree).

Final year = second year + a diss

Work isn’t any harder in final year (usually), there’s just more of it. Most people will have to complete a dissertation for their degree, handing it in sometime during second term. DON’T leave it till the week before. It’s definitely not worth the stress. Unless you want to end up on The Tab’s ‘Last Minute Dissertation League’.

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Obligatory photoshoot of your diss hand in

Organise all your deadlines for assignments as soon as possible, so you can plan your work schedule. This includes doing all the lecture and seminar readings, which by now you should actually be turning up to.

Find somewhere you can be super productive

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Whether that’s the library (good luck with getting a seat), another study space on campus, or a coffee shop, find a place where you can get some work done. Make your lunch the night before so you have no excuse not to go: this saves you money as well, leaving you with more to spend at Fab. To fully prevent yourself from bailing on work, go with a friend who's dedicated to the grind, guaranteeing you’ll feel guilty for not going. However, group study sessions do not work! Don’t kid yourself into thinking they do.

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Plan on getting up at 6am if you want to get a seat

It’s not too late to join a society

Even if you’re not a fresher anymore, you can still take part in a new society. It won’t be weird or awkward and is 100 per cent worth it for your CV. Good examples of chill societies to join include: HummusSoc, Wine Society, Tea Society and Yoga Society, especially given its access to sports night and loads of classes to help you de-stress with diss deadlines looming.

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Sports night gets your creative juices flowing

Expect to feel very old on nights out

Freshers seem to look younger each year, which just highlights how old and bitter you’ve become. Just remember, bringing home a fresher won’t make you a fresher again, but it will make you feel smarter. You start to realise you can handle your alcohol better, but you no longer want to drink like you did when you started. Hangovers will start to hit you like a tonne of bricks. Still, you're not that grown up. Cheap nights out are your best friend in final year, when you're already deep in your overdraft. Mondays at Circo are an easy option, and Fab is always a classic.

Make the most of being a student in Birmingham

Be sure to visit those places in Brum you always said you would, if only for the Insta shot. Spots like Cadbury World, Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, and the Digbeth Dinning Club make for an interesting day/night out.

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Defo worth the £1 entry fee

Take advantage of those student discounts while you still can! You’ll be crying next year when you no longer get your free cheeseburger or McFlurry from McDonalds. Make sure to buy next year's wardrobe while you still get 10 per cent off at stores like ASOS, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Sign up for a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Students, so at least all that unnecessary crap you ordered will come tomorrow.

Enjoy those last few months of freedom, it won't be long till uni and Selly are distant memories (unless you're crazy and doing a Masters).