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There’s a power cut in Selly and everyone is freaking out

It even affected students in the Tiverton Gym

There has been a series of power cuts all over Selly Oak, causing burglar alarms to go off throughout the evening.

The cuts have affected everywhere from Tiverton and Hubert road, up to Raddlebarn road and down to Alton; with the power out in the Tiverton gym, the door was jammed, with students unable to get in or out.

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Annabelle, a final year English Literature student, described how the lights flickered off and on, with "loads of people standing on their doorstep because their alarms were going off."

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Laxsan Karunanithy, a prospective BNOC for 2019, provided a strong insight into the issues, asking on Fab N Fresh "who turned Selly Oak off and on?" – he hypothesized that the blame lay at the feet of "the Freshers moving into Selly for second year, although I'm not sure that's politically correct."

However, there's no need to panic quite yet – according to the Western Power District's Twitter, they're aware of the issues and intend to restore all supplies by 8pm.