We asked UoB students for their Tinder disasters and it’s enough to make anyone give up dating

Can we all unanimously agree to stop using this app please

Tinder is an experience none of us really want to endure, but will most likely find ourselves swiping through at some point in our university career. Through the myriad of crude jokes and awkwardly finding your weird flatmate on there, it's always surprising to hear of a successful relationship found through swiping.

But no one wants to hear about the success stories. So here are UoB students' worst Tinder experiences.

Lily, 20, Economics

"I had been chatting to a guy on Tinder for a few days, and was all going well – had vague plans to meet at the pub on Saturday night. But whilst working at a Selly supermarket on the Friday, he ended up coming into the store, and I served him on the till. I made small talk, and vaguely realised it was him at the time – I thought he hadn’t clocked it was me, as (admittedly) I looked like a right state. But lo and behold, he’d made the connection – my sloppy bun and work uniform weren’t quite up to his standard, and ended up getting ghosted. Truly a tragic chapter of my life."

Jack, 22, Law

"I hooked up with a Brummie who told me his name was 'Nythen'. Turns out he was saying 'Nathan'."

Anna, 20, English Literature

“So I never go to this seminar at 9am on a Wednesday because it's 9am on a Wednesday. I decide to actually turn up one time in week 10, and as I took my seat and turned to my left, there was the guy I’d been talking to on Tinder for the last week. Obviously neither of us knew we were in the same seminar because I never go, and I won’t be going again.”

Jake, 20, History

"Had a one night stand with a girl off Tinder who turned out to be five weeks pregnant."

Kim, 19, Psychology

"Guy told me he loved me on our first date in the Duck."

Pat, 22, History

"Thought he was lying about not being able to go on a date with me so I aired him. (We date now)."

Kate, 19, English Literature

"So, I went on my first Tinder date with a girl. And it turns out, she was racist. She said that she hates 'c****ys' and they scared her. And then we met her friends and her friend said she hates 'p***s'. It was a shitshow, but that’s not all. She then took me to her NAN'S house, where I met the whole family. I’m sitting there I am with her 28-year-old smackhead cousin, Tracey the racist, Frankie who hates Chinese people, and the bloody whole family. Upon meeting the mum, she asked my date, 'did you two scissor?' I was invited me to America with her next year on the day, as well to her birthday party!! I saw the date through, got drunk as fuck, slept with her, and left the next morning, never to see her again."

Olivia, 20, Modern Languages

"I told him I was a vegetarian and he said he once killed a chicken with his bare hands."

Stay classy, UoB.