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Nominations are now open for UoB BNOC of the Year 2019!

Attention all BNOC’s…

You've been on tenterhooks all year, but it's finally arrived – that's right, it's the UoB BNOC of the Year, and nominations are now open.

We all have a mate who can't seem to walk through the library without running into at least three groups of people who can't wait to swoop in for a natter. They're constantly featuring Old Joemance, seem to know literally everyone, and they've never had to beg for a Fab ticket in their life. They're just… well, they're just a big name on campus.

So how can you truly show your admiration? By nominating them for The Birmingham Tab's BNOC of the Year, of course!

And nominations aren't just limited to your friends – if we're being truly honest, you're know you're not getting that first, so why not nominate yourself for the title and come out of uni with the next best thing?

The top nominations will be published, so be sure to fill out the form, and then the student population of UoB will have the chance to vote on their winner.