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UoB students stand in solidarity with Christchurch victims and the Birmingham Mosque attacks

There was an ‘overwhelming’ amount of support

At lunchtime today, students gathered in solidarity, in order to guard the University Chaplaincy whilst Muslims students carried out their Friday prayers.

The event was organised by three Philosophy, Theology and Ethics students, Rubab Ali, Emily May Smith and Ashleigh Wiseman. They told The Birmingham Tab that they were inspired to take some form of immediate action following the Christchurch massacre, and the recent vandalism of five Birmingham Mosques.

"It's a way for us to express our support for the Muslim community. These small acts ultimately makes our society a welcoming and safe place for all.

"Since it was organised at the last minute, it was heartwarming to see so many students and community members make an effort contribute and take part in the stand against bigotry and violence."

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Students express their solidarity on the steps of the Chaplaincy

The event included a speech from Sheikh Muhammad Amin-Evan, Quranic recitations by various students, and allowed students to write down their thoughts and messages of support.