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Anna Barry is UoB’s Hottest Single!

The third year English Lit student smashed the final with 40% of the votes


After over a week of tense heats, the fittest students UoB has to offer, and ineitably plenty of passive aggressive messages down the group chat asking for votes, we can reveal that Anna Barry is UoB’s Hottest Single 2019.

We spoke to Anna to find out about her win, her journey, and any advice for aspiring hot singles.

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Remaining humble, Anna told us that she’s “so surprised”, and that her family and friends are equally “delighted but only because it meant I would shut up about the whole thing”. When asked what she’s learnt from her win and experience, Anna said she’s “learnt how wholesome people are”. That’s a win for sure.

And is Anna expecting any exes to come crawling back now they’re reminded of what they’ve lost? “Some of them will see this at uni, but there’s no harm in letting them know hehe – read it and weep”. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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Anna celebrated her win in the only way a UoB student knows how, with a trip to Fab and “many VKs”.

But how long does Anna wish to enjoy this title for? Is her passion for her single status reinforced? “I’m not sure, this title is fab but would be nice to be swept off my feet.” Form an orderly queue everyone, and bring the picnics and Pimms.

So does this self-confessed clueless singleton have any advice for aspiring hot singles? “Just be your lovely single self”. How wholesome.