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Vote in UoB’s Hottest Single: Heat three

Are they hot or not?

Here's the final heat before we pit your latest votes against each other. Time to vote in heat three for the quest to find UoB's hottest single…

Emily S, 21, 3rd year French & German

Emily has been single her whole life but isn't looking for a relationship anytime soon. Emily's ideal date is going for cocktails but the real way to her heart is an endless supply of mayonnaise as she gets through a bottle in about two days.

Samuel, 22, 5th year Medicine

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Samuel has only been single for 5 months but rest assured ladies he says he's looking for "The future Mrs Samuel Walon". Sam's very popular chat up line is "I actually think I love you," and if this works, he wants to take you for a mole-mapping appointment at the doctor's on your date. Sam also wants you to know that his mum says he's "a really good kisser".

If this is your cup of tea, just know that if Sam was to win, he'd "be over the moon because it would mean Mavis (my nan) can finally share something positive about me on social media (love you nan)"

Chiara, 19, 1st year Drama & English Lit

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Although cuffing season may be coming to an end, this isn't the case for Chiara who can confirm that she is looking for love, after being single for two years. Chiara's chat up line is "ciao bono" and if you don't know what that means then you better head to google translate because she's a real catch as an Italian, childhood model.

James , 21, 3rd year Maths and Philosophy (with a year abroad in Hong Kong)

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James is neither on the pull nor looking for a relationship, in fact he wants "a happy medium" if someone can offer that. His ideal date is Pounded Monday's at Circo, and he hopes to get you there with his witty chat up line "would you like to see the exponential growth of my natural log?"

James was apparently once chased by the Cambodian mafia which he thinks is much more thrilling than winning this competition that will mean "absolutely nothing" to him. He's hoping for "a few free VKs" and asked if there is a prize. I can confirm that the prize is a much improved Tinder bio.

Amy, 20, 2nd year Psychology

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Amy leads quite an exciting life in the bedroom having frequently texted people in her sleep. She once texted someone she barely knows "have you licked it yet" with no recollection of what she was dreaming. If you were thinking of approaching Amy, the best chat up line she's ever received is "you can't spell dreamy without Amy", so you better be creative!

Emily E, 20, 2nd year Modern Languages

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Emily has had a lot of experience down under having lived in Australia when she was younger – so quite a catch. She loves the theatre and her dream date would be watching any play. If she wins, her housemates have promised her a placard on her door. This sounds like something we'd love to see.

Rob, 21, 3rd year Chemistry

Rob has been single for "a decent amount of time" but he's happy to go with the flow, "if it happens, it happens." His ideal date is Dixy's post fab and he plans to get you there by asking "wanna see me in my budgie smugglers?" – he plays water polo. Rob's dog has more followers than he does but he hopes winning this will change that.