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This International Women’s Day, we asked for your most extreme stories of female solidarity and friendship

Just girls supporting girls


Female friendship is a wonderful thing, and it ought to be celebrated for all it's worth. And what better day to do that on than International Women's Day? But with that being said, girls aren't always quite the saints that patriarchy sometimes wants to pit them as, so we asked a whole bunch of ladies how far they've ever gone for their best gal pals. Needless to say, it's pretty damn far.


'I once went home with my friends flatmate in the first week of uni, but I was so drunk that I forgot that I was on my period. When I stumbled home the next morning, I realised that I was missing my used sanitary pad – I messaged my friend, who then snuck into his room to rescue it for me before he realised. Truly a feminist hero.'

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Some wholesome female friendship


'I once had to shave my friends bum hole before. We were comparing bum holes, and she said, "Mine's so hairy, I can’t reach", and was struggling. So I was like ffs, I’ll do it and had to lie under her like I was servicing a car. I had her ass hair fall on my face.'


'Basically my boyfriend cheated on me with his flatmate, so me and the flatmate have messaged and became really close. And I also messaged his ex girlfriend, who he cheated on before, and she's invited me out for her birthday. So he basically played three girls against each other but we've all been messaging and become super close now – I like to see it as I've lost one guy, but gained two new friends who are actually great gals.'

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Girl gang


'Whilst at a pres for a night out, I changed my mind about where I wanted to go. I decided I just HAD to meet a friend from home in Popworld, and so my sober friend dropped me off in an uber, and told me to phone her if I needed her. Cut to 3.30 AM – I ring her, alone and crying my eyes out, accompanied by 2 strange men that I'd met at the FiveWays underpass. She races down in an uber, in gym gear (the nearest clothes she could grab), to rescue me, but by this point, I'd decided that these 2 guys were my best friends. I refuse to go home with her, but she's unwilling to leave me alone – the rando's suggest a drink, and we end up in a strip club for some reason. By 5.30am, my poor friend, sober and in her running clothes, is holding me up as I scream at this guy for absolutely no reason whatsoever, outside of Peppermint Rhino – not my finest moment, but we still laugh about it now!'

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The obvious fashion choice for a strip club


'So I went to get an STI test and my gal Jess came with me. The question on the form of “How many sexual partners have you had in the past six months?” came up and I turned to Jess and had to check my calculations with her. We stood in Jhoots Pharmacy that Tuesday morning counting my sexual partners, and she knew more of them than I did!'


'A girl changed my tampon once when I was passed out. I can't remember too much because I was ketty af – she was only a friend's flatmate too, I didn't know her well. All in all, a terrible move on my behalf, but definitely female solidarity at its best.'


'A group of six of us managed to squeeze into a single toilet cubicle on a night out, because we didn't want anyone to be left out. Unfortunately, one of the six had rabid diarrhea, so we were stuck in there for about 20 minutes whilst she was pooing – was a bit of a smelly situation, but a wonderful bonding experience for us all.'

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'A guy asked my friend to do 69 in a toilet, standing up – she did a handstand, but he slipped a cheeky finger in. After they were done, she then made me look at it to check the damage.'

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a classic mirror selfie


'About 3 months after being dumped by my boyfriend, one naughty decision led to another, and I ended up seeing my ex, and he somehow made his way into my bed. It kind of gave me the closure that I needed, but I didn’t tell my flatmates because they did so well getting me to not like him anymore, and had held my hand through the whole mourning period. So I had my little secret night with my ex, that only he and I knew about, until I got a call from my doctors telling me that my STD results were back. They proceeded to tell me I had chlamydia of all things – my amazing friend left her lecture, held my hand through it all, and told me how I deserve better because he gave me the clap, and she didn't even say I told you so.'


'When me and my friends went to Kavos, my friend came on her period but still wanted to go swimming and stuff. She had never used a tampon before, so my other friend would put it in for her like every day."

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gal pals x


'My friend was in London for the night, and so couldn't come with us to a house party. Unfortunately I got horrifically drunk, and managed to break into some random flat in Tennis Courts, thinking it was my own. I took of my socks, and got into a random boys empty bed, and proceeded to vomit on his floor, his wall, and in his bed. I woke up to his whole flat staring at me from the door – realising my mistake, I ran back to my ACTUAL flat, drunkenly apologising, and promising to come back to fix it the next day. My friend got back the next morning, and helped me clear my stale chunder up from this poor lads carpet. She also ordered me some chips, which may have been the real highlight of it all.'

Some names may have been changed.