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UoB School of Govt sends student’s extenuating circumstances to every third year in the school

The email contained the student’s entire extenuating circumstances form

A POLSIS staff member has sent a confidential email containing a student's extenuating circumstances form to every third year student in the School of Government and Society.

The form contains the details of the student and the circumstances surrounding their request for extenuating circumstance consideration.

The Birmingham Tab has obtained a screenshot of the message that was sent to all of the students. The names of those involved, and the contents of the form have been protected.

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The initial message of the EC form was sent at 10.44am, with a further email recalling the message at 12pm.

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The student concerned was first made aware of the incident by people on the course contacting them. The student says they were "quite embarrassed by the whole thing" and "not quite sure how they managed to mess that up."

The student has told The Birmingham Tab that they received a call from the university to apologise for the mistake and assure them that there will be an investigation into the matter.

A spokesperson for the university told The Birmingham Tab: "We are aware of the issue and have contacted the student concerned to apologise for the error and to offer support."

"We take the welfare and well-being of students very seriously and would like to reassure all students that we value their privacy and have measures in place to protect it.

"This was a case of human error and we will look in detail at the circumstances to ensure that it doesn’t happen again."