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After Stues’ Kebab Review #4: Dixy’s actually do decent kebabs

This was definitely the most difficult one to write considering how drunk my guest was

Dixy's, famously, is a chicken shop. As a pretty hardline kebab reviewer, I had all but written off the chance of a professional visit. We've done Pit Stop, Food Republic, and Rooster House, so I guess anything goes.

Having only recently discovered that a Dixy's doner exists, it had to be the next metaphorical stop on my journey of discovery. Welcome to After Stues' Kebab Review #4.

With me is Sarah (but she was so drunk that her friend Kitty had to sort of help out a bit so I guess it's a joint one this week).


I'll be honest, everyone but I completely forgot why we were there and ordered chicken (which was pretty good apparently). We did end up buying one doner with chips that we all shared. £4.80 for a medium, so not bad at all. 7.5/10

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love those cheesy chips


Sarah : To be honest I quite enjoy the vibe but there's word art on the wall. I had word art on my wall when I was six years old. Also the light's really bright – I can see every inch of the kebab and I don't know if I want to. I also told them it was my birthday and they didn't care.

Greg: Yeah it's very bright in here and some music would be nice tbh. The owner has also left all of his balance sheets on one of the tables and we got told off for looking at them. It is 2:30am though.

Kitty: Looks like a rustic kebab 4/10

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Look at that wall art


Kitty: Cheesy chips were good. Huge portion sizes. Gooey cheese. Good selection of sauces – even garlic mayo!!! Steamy and hot and crispy chips. The chips keep coming.

Sarah: I love the curly fries. They are peng out of peng. They are beautiful. I need more. The kebab looks a bit vegan though, there's so much lettuce.

Greg: The actual kebab meat slaps. You can even see the spices. I'm surprised. 9/10

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Customer Service

Greg: Considering how much of an embarrassment Sarah has been tonight they've been pretty nice. This is what Dixy's employee Ali had to say about why their kebab reigns supreme:

"Because we make it fresh everyday and it's delicious and the meat comes straight from Turkey." 8/10

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Sarah and her burger

What we learnt from Dixy's is that you can always be surprised – and in this case the popular late night munch spot known for its chicken offers a genuinely great kebab, even if the atmosphere is weird but who cares. It's 3am. Lack of variety of kebab and traditional garlic and chilli sauces are what keeps this place from the top tier however 8/10