First Dates hits UoB

Single pringles this could be the the time for you find the love of your (uni) life

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Carnival Rag once again wins the hearts of UoB students, or aims to solve all that heartache, by bringing back First Dates.

Applications were on offer at £6, but have already sold out. You could even drop in an extra £2 for a bribe and get the date of your dreams.

All proceeds go to charity, this years charities include: Young Minds, Acorn's Children's Hospice and RSVP West Midlands.

If it's looking like you'll be alone and miserable this Valentine's day, don't worry, you can try and bag yourself a date from the 26th Feb until the 1st March around the Harbourne area – snazzy!

Rag societies across the country, including universities such as Leeds and Warwick, are all taking part in this dating scheme to raise money for their own chosen charities.

As Carnival Reg quoted on their Facebook page: "A date can be a life-changing moment, it can change your life forever." (Fred, First Dates)

We can wait to hear all about the tragic, amazing and mind-blowing dates you guys are heading out on.

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