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Student chased by teenagers wielding knives up Hubert Road

One teenager has been detained by the police

A male was threatened and assaulted on Hubert Road last night, Sunday 3rd February.

Ten boys around 16-17 years old, chased the man down the street before he managed to get away from them.

At 4pm on Sunday evening, a UoB student posted on Fab N Fresh to warn people that this had happened to her boyfriend.

She told the Birmingham Tab that the teens pulled a large kitchen knife on her boyfriend and punched him in the back. He ran away but the teens followed him waving a large piece of wood around 7ft tall.

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Fab N Fresh post

The students reported the assault to the police who visited them and urged everyone to report crimes of this nature in order to up the resources dedicated to the Selly Oak area.

The final update on the post reports that one member of the group has been detained and the rest of the group had left after seeing the police car.

This incident was followed by a report from another student, Molly Brooker-Corcoran, of a group of teenagers hanging around outside her house regularly. She reported that the group smash bottles into the fence of the house and even watch the residents through the window.

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Molly's post

Molly told The Birmingham Tab that the group consists of five-six boys and one girl. The group have loitered around her house for two weeks, knocking on the door and running away and hitting the bins.

Molly states that she reported the group to the police who were quick to respond and stated that they were aware of the group. Police urge anyone who is harassed by the group to contact the police.

It is not yet clear if the two incidents are linked.

The Birmingham Tab contacted the police who say they are "investigating a report of an assault in Hubert Road, Selly Oak just before 4:20pm yesterday afternoon (Sunday 3 February). A group of up to 10 youths, including one armed with a knife, were in the area and involved in the assault of a 24-year-old man. He was punched but not seriously injured. Enquiries continue."