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Kebab Reviews #3 – Rooster House

This week we also dipped into the world of chicken strips. Do you get it? Dipped? Oh

After weeks of cries from disgruntled second and third years, the After Stues' Kebab Review production team of just Greg decided to venture out into Selly Oak, to the popular Rooster House. With me this week is Orla


The chicken shwarma was £6.50 – although this is on the pricier end, this was proper shwarma and not just doner so is understandable. Also I picked up five chicken strips for £2 which is actually really good. Orla's chicken strip combo was £4.20 and included a lot of food. One negative was that they didn't take cash which is what bumps down this score. 8/10


G: Admittedly we did go a little before peak time (2am) but there was nothing that stood out. Lighting was very harsh and there was no music- they didn't even play the radio quietly. I'm not asking for Pit Stop levels of music but just something would be better than silence

O: They have a coffee machine and cafe area in the back which is cute. Oh my God they have actual cutlery 5/10

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G: Orla's chicken drumstick has been Frenched which is a real game changer. Although some would like the batter on the bone on top of the gristle, this cleaning of the bone shows real commitment to the craft of fried chicken at Rooster House. Chicken strips are also not greasy at all and have a good crunch. Great flavour on chilli sauce. Chips are dead though. Orla looks like she's going to cry about them

O: These chips are as dry as a nun's downstairs. The chicken I would invite back to mine, we'd fool about for a bit and maybe they'd meet my parents. The chips on the other hand I'd put on the sex offenders list. The quality of food generally is way better in Selly which is why I don't bother with Broad Street. 8/10

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Customer service

Initially the guys were pretty reluctant to speak to us however I respect that loads- they weren't willing to snake out their boys. Orla was a little scared by this. However amidst the disgruntled murmurs of the employees, an angel disguised as a Turkish man named Sal appeared from the fryers to tell me that Rooster House was the best late night food spot in Birmingham because: "Our food comes from the heart".

It was a beautiful moment. And with that, we left. 7/10

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Overall Orla and I had a great experience at Rooster House. Although there was no doner meat, the shwarma was legit, the chicken was light and crispy and what we bought was fantastic value for money. Would definitely recommend. If the chips were better we may be looking at an 8.5