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Here’s a list on the best places to take your parents in Birmingham this term

It’s not just about a free meal out

With the autumn term coming to an end, parents may be visiting for a festive Birmingham experience. While we tend to use these visits to blag a nice meal out, or even a food shop, it is in fact a great opportunity to show your family the city you’ve grown to call home (just don’t call it home in front of them). Oh, and a perfect chance to pretend you’ve got your life together. So look no further, a comprehensible guide on where to take your parents in and around the city.

Winterbourne House and Gardens

Winterbourne house and gardens is a university owned property in Edgbaston, which shows off the natural beauty we have right on our doorstep. The nature will impress your parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, while also being affordable, with free entry for UoB students. Start with a walk around the gardens then stop inside the house for a brief insight into the history of the house, topped off with an afternoon tea. The collection of cakes and paninis are second to none.

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If you’re looking for something a bit less elderly and a bit more edgy, Digbeth is a great choice. I would recommend going in daylight, as to not worry your parents too much, but a walk around the Custard Factory is cultural and cool. There are a variety of coffee shops to enjoy, and if you wanted to get a bit of shopping in, there is the famous Cow vintage store. For a bit more of a wild night with the family, head to Ghetto Golf for a game of the classic mini golf with an alcoholic twist.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Sorry, another garden. But what do parents enjoy more than a nice stroll around nature? The Botanical Gardens are Birmingham’s answer to Kew Gardens. Located in Edgbaston with many greenhouses to walk around as well as an outside area. This is one to keep in mind for spring and summer, but this Christmas will see the return of the Magical Lantern Festival. The gardens will be filled with Christmas themed lights and lanterns turning it into ‘a spectacular fusion of dual culture, vibrant colours and artistic sculptures’. It’s a perfect winter treat for your family, and great if you missed celebrating Bonfire Night or the Christmas light switch on with them.

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Ikon Gallery

On the chance you run out of PG rated uni stories to talk about, the Ikon Gallery will provide you with some more appropriate conversation starters. The gallery is situated in Brindleyplace, inside a neo-gothic school house. It offers free entry, and works to encourage public engagement with contemporary art. Currently showing an exhibition based around suffragette banners, the gallery is sure to provide some educational and current topics for a good old healthy debate. With it’s convenient location, you can make a day of it by popping across into one of Brindleyplace’s many bars or restaurants.

A walk along the Canal route

Last, but by far means least, an activity that satisfies both the need for culture and a satisfied stomach. A walk around the canals will give you an insight in a key part of the city’s history while also helping you to discover cute cafes along the way. Many of Birmingham’s gems are hidden on these routes so this is a great way to explore the city, grab a bite to eat and find good spots to return to with your friends. Cheap, cultural and sure to make your parents leave feeling like their little angel is garnering a well rounded uni experience instead of alternating between bed and the occasional lecture hall. Let’s keep up the façade.