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We ranked all the kebab shops in Brum: week one, Pit Stop

The first of the ‘after stues’ kebab reviews’

Welcome to the series where if you say it with a Leeds accent, it rhymes. It's "After Stues' Kebab Reviews." The nature of this is pretty self-explanatory; after every Stupid Tuesdays, a different friend and I will review kebab shops popular with students to find out once and for all which doner reigns supreme. This week, it’s the well known Pit Stop on Broad Street. Fellow kebab lover and good friend James (left) accompanies me on this wild journey to flavour town.


I opted for the Lamb Donner with cheesy chips topped with garlic and chilli sauce (£6.50). James chose a single Lamb Donner Wrap (£2.99). I’d say for price it’s not unreasonable but certainly not competitive. 5/10

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James and his lamb donner wrap


Greg : It honestly feels like a nightclub in here. The tunes are so loud I can barely have a conversation but I think that’s part of the magic

James : Yeah I mean they’re currently playing ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber so that’s a yes from me. 9/10


G : The meat itself has banging flavour with loads of spice but the texture is a little bit too consistent however who cares. Neither should you. I’m drunk and hungry. The cheesy chips slap and chilli sauce is one of the best I’ve ever had; it doesn’t only have heat but also a really nice sweet flavour. Also big shout out to my main man Abdullah for putting the cheese above the chips and below the meat because I have been victim to that rookie mistake and I would not wish it on my own worst enemy.

J : I think if Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo had a baby and that baby pooped gold then what I have eaten is ten times that taste. This music is somehow distracting me from the taste but I don’t care I’m loving it. 7/10

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Greg loves a kebab

Customer service

The guys in there were really chatty and in good spirits. Here’s what they had to say about why Pit Stop is the best kebab shop in Birmingham:

"Because we make everything fresh everyday" – Abdullah

"Our taste. Also good tunes create good vibes" – Aman 8/10

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Abdullah and Aman

So there you have it. Pit Stop is clearly a fan favourite due to proximity and its club-like energy. Drunk kebab pick ups are not just about flavour, but the eating experience, and this place has atmosphere in abundance. However, I’m still searching for that 10/10, tune in next week to see if I find it.

Overall – 7.25/10

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