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There’s going to be an online graph telling you how busy the gym is coming soon

I’ll finally be able to get on the machines

The Guild and UB Sport are teaming up to create a graph that shows when the gym is at its busiest.

The graph will be online and at the front desk of the Sports Centre and will be updated fortnightly telling students when the gym is most full and when it is relatively empty.

Sports officer Simon Price predicts the service will be up in about a week's time.

Too often we hear students complaining that the uni gym is too full and they cannot access the equipment. Simon told The Birmingham Tab: "Basically due to the gym being so busy at certain times, I believed it would be good if students could know when the gym is most quiet so they can base decisions on this.

"In the first month of memberships being released I had daily meetings where the busyness [sic] of the gym was reviewed."

When asked why the graph hadn't been introduced earlier, Simon told us: "Obviously at the beginning there is a huge buzz and quite frankly the gym is busy all the time, hence why this has come in quite late as a graph would have been pretty pointless. Now that this has quieted down there is a more accurate representation of the typical busy/quiet times."