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Every struggle you’ll know if you live in Selly

About as relatable as it gets

The dawn of second year means the inevitable move from the bubble that is halls to the scary streets of Selly.

Whilst you've already heard the millions of horror stories before you move in, the reality isn't quite so bad, we promise!

Not all roads are created equal

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One can dream from your gaff on Raddlebarn

We all know that the only roads worth living on are the main ones, God forbid you have to suffer the FOMO that comes with living on Bournbrook Road. Dawlish, Tiverton and co will always remain elite.

Fireworks or gunshots?

Selly Oak doesn't have the best reputation, so it's little wonder that in every situation you expect the worst. It's become a tough task to differentiate a firework from a gunshot, so it doesn't take much to make us jump.

Sleep is a distant memory

Ah, Casa de Selly, with its one star Airbnb rating

Living in Selly you can look forward to the soothing lullaby of drum and bass into the early hours of the morning. Got a 9am on a Thursday morning? Well you won't be sleeping for that until the sports night pres are over, but then again you can always take a nap on the many mattresses scattered all over Selly, on your way to uni. Oh and spare a thought for the poor souls who have the misfortune to live within a few feet of Circo.

Feeling Fab 'n Fresh

If you weren't a fan of Fab in your first year, you will be now. The appeal of a cheap night out is unrivalled. Now the Guild is basically on your doorstep, it won't take a lot of persuasion from your flatmates to sell your soul for a last minute ticket on the Fab page.

Takeaway temptation

What a deal

Given that you literally walk right past the multitude of fast food options that Bristol Road has to offer on your way home, it would frankly be rude not to indulge. Whether you're a Dixies fan (£1.70 for a snack box? How could you resist?) or more of a Pizza Land gal, there's something for everyone.

The streets are rife with Tinder matches

Whilst you might be a Tinderella by night, in the cold harsh light of day you can expect to see all your Tinder matches whenever you look your worst. And there's no swiping left away from this one!

Expensive weekly shops are a thing of the past

Love u x

Aldi being a mere five minute walk away means that your food shop will never come to more than £20, and you know what that means? More money for nights out of course! Aldi rosé for £2.50? Yes please.

Walking home after dark isn't for the faint hearted

Yes, not every horror story you hear about Selly is true, but the prospect of walking home by yourself after dark still strikes the fear of god into you.

No, you still won't go to your 9ams

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I choose the bull, not the BSc

Technically living closer to uni means you really have no excuse to not go to your 9ams. But the reality is as the year goes on you'll snooze your alarm later and later, and before you know it you'll be back to your old tricks. Let's be honest, it was inevitable.

No more treks in the cold

Long gone are the days of having to trek from Prichards Park to the Vale for pres. Now that you and all your friends live in Selly, they'll never be more than five minutes away.