Meet UoB’s freshest society: The ‘Drag Society’

Not your average standard society

With Birmingham pride growing bigger and more popular each year and drag spreading further than just Nightingales, it’s no surprise the students of UoB decided it was time to develop an official society and a safe space for all those who love drag!

UoB is truly accepting of all people, no matter their beliefs, gender or lifestyles and they continue to prove this being one of very few UK universities to offer an official student ‘Drag Society’. As you may have heard, this year you can become a member and participate in make-up tutorials, drag competitions, local nights out and even a drag ball at the end of the year!

We spoke to Ashley Jones, President of the society. Ashley participates in local drag competitions. While speaking to him, he beamed with passion about everything this new society has to offer; the kind of passion we love to see from our students here at UoB. 'Drag isn't just about a man dressing up as a woman, it's about everyone expressing themselves in their own way'.

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The society began the development process earlier this year when Ashley pitched the idea to his friends, who of course, were all on board to help get it started. After running a competition on Fab n Fresh, they unexpectedly discovered an explosion of support and demand for a drag society. They even ran a competition on Fab, giving away pride tickets, which of course grabbed support from the student population.

Here’s the best part, if you’re not confident enough to do drag just yet, you don’t have to! The society aims to be diverse, clearly seen in the members of their committee. They welcome all people with open arms, whether you want to do drag, learn about drag or even just admire and appreciate drag, there is a space for everyone at this universal group where they are taking the gender barriers down and exploring everything an individual has to offer.

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With nights out with local drag queens, joining the society means you can be involved with the local Birmingham drag scene and explore a new aspect of the city.

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The Drag society surely shows the diversity of the student population at Birmingham. Whilst drag may not be for everyone, the Guild ha so much to offer. We hope you make the most of everything, whether it be art, music, dance, academics or charity work and we can't wait to see what other fabulous societies come out of your minds.