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BREAKING: Lab 11 will reopen after review of their licence

The suspension came after the death of a 19-year old man

Lab 11 have confirmed that they will be reopening after having their licence suspended.

Lab 11's licence was suspended by Birmingham City Council following the death of a 19-year-old-man on 2nd September.

The venue posted on their official Facebook page yesterday afternoon, 20th September, that they would be reopening. In their official statement, the club said 'we still have work to do but we look forward to welcoming you all back.'

It was noted by West Midlands Police that Lab 11 had been 'cooperative and helpful' during in their investigation.

The report by Birmingham City Council also suggested that the death was 'likely a drug overdose' and the causes seemed to have originated from' either patrons of the premises, or deficient security measures… and/or the inability of management to uphold the licensing objectives.'