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BNOC Final – The Final Three

You’ve voted in your thousands, but who will be your UoB BNOC of the year?

We’ve had nominations from Sports Night royalty and Fab n Fresh legends, and now we are faced with the top three BNOCs, as voted for by you. Vote below for the ultimate BNOC before voting closes on Monday at 4pm!

Curtis Collins, Third Year, Maths

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face about campus

Curtis stormed the first heat, securing 29.9% of the vote, even beating UoB’s own Cardi B, Roy Compton. Curtis continues to bring love to Brum students through his role as moderator on Old Joemance, and would like to thank his fellow students for their role in his success, in particular his Maths coursemates. Curtis says that if he wins, he will celebrate in true BNOC style with a rainbow line of VKs for pre drinks.

JJ Moothathamby (Dakota), First Year, Medicine

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one too many VKs?

JJ’s regulars at Dakota’s Club pulled through and helped him win 27.5% of the vote in his heat. Should he win, JJ promises that the next Dakota’s Club will be hosted at the Duck and Scholar, and that he will celebrate his success by “drinking a few cold ones with the lads and lasses”. He’d like to thank his fans for their constant support in his endeavours.

Emily Harman, Second Year, Physics

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a UoB icon

Emily’s talent for bagging herself entry into any night out went down well in heat three, giving her a huge 35.9% of the vote. Emily has vowed to host a huge pool party (which we’re assuming isn’t just a paddling pool in the middle of Selly) at hers, with invites to all of her supporters. Emily says she owes her success to the guiding light that is Old Joe, who constantly inspires her to be her “biggest and best freestanding self”.

Vote below for your choice of BNOC of the year!