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BNOC of the year: Group Two

More of UoB’s finest

With the success of voting for Group One, we’re here to bring you more self-proclaimed BNOCs. Here are six more BNOCs vying for your votes, and remember to vote below!

Hannah Prodger, First Year, International Relations

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This blonde bombshell is always on the look out for her next hockey lad at Fab

The Tab’s own Social Media Editor, Hannah is known for procrastinating and instead hosting polls on the Instagram account to encourage others to not revise as well. Legend has it that the reason Hannah dropped out of first year in 2017 was so that she would have an extra year to campaign for BNOC status. Did you know she writes for The Tab?

Ben Codrington, Second Year, Geography

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How a-peel-ing

Ben is known by his coursemates for showing up to lectures either in his pyjamas or ten minutes late with all his shopping and a kebab. Ben embraces spontaneity, stating he has no main life goal right now but that he hopes to figure it out eventually.

Izzie Uren, Second Year, Sports Science

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The pint sized Birmingham lion

Izzie’s dignity depends on this competition, as she lost an odds on meaning that if she doesn’t win the title of BNOC, she has to get a UoB-related tattoo. Izzie is known for never letting her busy sports calendar get in the way of her dedication to Fab: once making it from three cricket games in Cardiff to 9pm pre drinks.

Jj Moothathamby (Dakota), First Year, Medicine

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He takes his health v seriously

Jj doesn’t let his difficult course get in the way of holding the best pres, and has made friends with the Chamberlain security guards to minimise shut downs. His flat has been renamed Dakota’s Club, making him a name infamous on The Vale. He has learnt a lot through his life experiences, namely that “sleep is for the weak”.

Dora Barnes, Second Year, Medicine

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Ready for another night in the DJ booth

Dora says that the title of BNOC would make all of her tragic behaviour worthwhile (almost). Dora prides herself on being the gal to go to for any song requests at Fab, yet tells me she has the ultimate goal of winning The Chase: “Bradley Walsh, I’m coming for you.”

Sorcha Hornett, Second Year, English Literature

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Joe’s finest x

Sorcha is not only one of Joe’s best bar staff, but also one of their best customers; having once been carried out after one two many drinks by her own boss. Sorcha sees the UoB BNOC competition as the starting point in a nationwide takeover, as she begins her campaign to become a BNIB: Big Name in Britain.

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