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BNOC of the year: Group One

Feast your eyes on these fine specimens

Having sifted through all of your responses (178 to be exact), we have established our shortlisted contenders and come to the conclusion that UoB has some seriously messy students. Who needs self love when you can nominate YOURSELF for BNOC of the year?

In our first heat, we’ll meet six UoB students vying for your votes and their place in our 2018 BNOC final.

Pippa Smith, Second Year, History

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She wore pictured silk pyjamas to ALDI

Pippa prides herself on being the most extra person at UoB, with a love for the finer things in life. She says her finest UoB moment is when she was dared to write an essay on potatoes, and managed to bag herself a 2:1 in the process. Pippa says the title of BNOC would be her only life achievement, and she wants to make her parents proud, even if they don’t actually know what BNOC means.

Roy Compton, First Year, Neuroscience

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UoB’s own Cardi B

Like all great musical icons before him, Roy found acclaim through his passion; writing a meal plan diss track to the tune of Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’. Roy fully embodies his divaish tendencies, as the Vale’s answer to Mariah Carey, strolling into lectures ten minutes late in blackout sunglasses, and convincing himself he has had both a heart attack and mercury poisoning.

Cameron Bonfield, First Year, History and American and Canadian Studies

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humble beginnings for this BNOC

Cameron says that one of his best night outs at uni has been when he mistook a parma violet for MDMA and had a “superb 19th birthday”. A man of great ambition, his main goal in life is to have one of those water bottles from Love Island. His friends say “When you think ginger and fresher, only one person comes to mind”.

Maddie Bonner, Second Year, Dentistry

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name a more iconic glow up x

The brains behind one of Fab n Fresh’s greatest homemade memes (here), Maddie is a well known face around campus. The title of BNOC would mean the world to her, as it would cause her friends to stop teasing her about her fitness instagram. She has aims to meet someone as sarcastic as her who also happens to be fit and smart, but she’s getting desperate so she says a heartbeat will do.

Curtis Collins, Third Year, Maths

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Captain Collins

Bringing love and happiness to UoB students all over Selly as a moderator on Old Joemance, Curtis hopes his impressive list of societies will help him secure the ultimate title of 2018 UoB BNOC. His cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at Me Now’, a part of his guild election campaign, went viral on Fab n Fresh and allowed him to become known on campus for walking around wearing a pirate hat and screaming “Captain Collins!”

Will Deary, Second Year, Nuclear Engineering

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Whatever it is, it’s throwing up in the toilets on Sports Night

Will has achieved a lot in his two years at UoB, namely ripping two pairs of Levi’s jeans as he shows off his impeccable slut-dropping. He is the only Birmingham student night out rep who donates all of his commission to charity, Meningitis Research Foundation. Sound like a nice guy? That’s if you can get beyond his controversial opinions such as pineapple going on pizza.

So who deserves a place in the Birmingham BNOC final next week? Vote below!

Keep your nominations coming and keep up to date on our Facebook and Instagram with group two later this week!