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The newest way to find true love at UoB

Here’s the latest trend on the UoB dating scene…

Ever had heart eyes for that spicy sports science student? Or always wanted to move out of the friend zone with your first year flatmate, but not sure if they feel the same? Well there’s no better way to find out than to head over to one of our very own mystery dating pages. On here you can anonymously reveal your crush, with just enough detail to hope they get the subtle hint- and no risk of rejection, could it get any better?

Pages like UoB Crush and Brumance have become the newest way for us students to (hopefully) find our one true love at uni. All you have to do is send in an anonymous message and hope that Facebook does its magic and your crush acts on it. From seeing all your posts on Fab and Fresh, searching for your long lost lovers from the night before, UoB crush decided to create a page where you could express your feelings anonymously. Their founder told us that:

“The basic concept is simple: people send us messages and we will post them on the page for the whole community to see. The need of a page like this was obvious.”

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The page got over 500 likes in the first 24 hours since the start of their advertisement

As UoB crush is growing more popular by the day, they could be looking for new admin members to post and moderate their content, could this be the job for you?

Brumance is the same concept and has been running since January, their main aim is to help you to be more creative when finding your crush, acting as your "google love search on the UoB campus".

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Spreading the love at UoB!

They really do keep it anonymous! We checked…

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Your secret is safe!

Who needs to swipe right in hope of getting a match when you can literally (indirectly) tell that jaw dropping guy you’ve been eyeing up in your seminar all year, that you think he’s fit?

So… is your hot hockey player waiting for you to drop him a message, or is that fit fresher just waiting for you to pop up? No better way to make the first move and get on that dating scene.

Best of luck, we hope you find your one true love here at UoB!