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There’s a UoB student going into lectures today handing out Valentine’s gifts to strangers

He’s handing out roses and chocolate

UoB Cupids have been going into lectures, the library and Subway handing out Valentine's day gifts.

Third year, Reese Patrick Roberts has been devilering roses and chocolates to students, and reading out love confessions to strangers across campus.

He surpised Biochemistry student, Holly Fagarasan, by spreading the love in the middle of her lecture and filmed it all.

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Holly and her rose

In the video, Reece annouces infront of a full lecture theatre: "someone close and very dear to you, my darling, wanted you to have some roses and some chocolates."

Holly told the Tab that she didn's sign up for the service, but in fact it was a friend who surprised and signed her up.

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Reece is sharing all og his stories on the fab n fresh page

While a lot of us would be extremely embarrassed to get such a shoutout in a lecture, Holly said: "I thought Reece was very funny and obviously didn't feel uncomfortable, which was good."

"I was a tad embarrassed but I loved it."

As part of the £5 service, Reece is delivering gifts to a total of eight students today.

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He surpised someone in Subway

Reece is acting as UoB's Cupid to raise money for Breast Cancer. He and friend, Belle, are planning to use the profits to fund their charity cycle from London to Paris.

While there are loads of ways to raise money, Reece chose to do this because "I've always been a bit extravagant, so I thought I might as well do something more than a bucket shake."