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UoB student tries to sell his unwanted hummus but still can’t get rid of it

Now this is true entrepreneurship

A UoB student who bought five tubs of hummus is now trying to sell them on the Fab N Fresh page.

Jack Mouradian found himself in a conundrum on Tuesday. After making his way through the first two tubs of hummus, he realised what he'd bought was "so vile."

In a desperate attempt to get rid of the remaining tubs, Jack attempted to sell the tubs of hummus for £1 each. Sadly, no one came to collect.

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Purchasing the five tubs of Sainsbury's reduced fat hummus was a big regret for Jack.

Jack said that after consuming two whole tubs he realised "it was actually vile so thought I'd get rid of it."

Even though Jack was "running a first messaged first served policy," no one came to buy the chickpea goodness.

Despite being on offer for only £1, "sadly no one came to collect any so I donated it to my housemates."

Of all the foods to bulk buy, some may wonder why hummus?

Jack explained: "It's the most sublime food that there ever was and is, and will be. Besides who doesn't love hummus?"

A great opportunity has been missed. Something that we will all regret when dreaming of the dipping delight.