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A round up of everything that happened at UoB in 2017

We did a LOT

2017 was an eventful one, to say the least. The good, the bad, and the very drunken memories of 2017 are simmering away as we venture into a new year. We thought, why not reminisce about some of the best bits that happened in Brum. Here's a few of the highlights that made our year.

The Sports Centre FINALLY opened

After months of waiting the new sports centre finally opened and we must say, it didn’t disappoint.

However, lack of membership and no available space on the waiting list is rather annoying. UoB sport, sort yourselves out.

We found out BRAN STARK goes to UoB

This is the craziest news of the year. Hands down.

With Bran moving from our TV screens to Fab, UoB have had their fair share of famous visitors this year. It's something to tell the grandkids.

And remember that time Ben from Outnumbered went to Fab

Hope Karen's there this Saturday

6 on Broad Street became Rosies

With the million-pound revamp came the new ‘superclub’ Rosies and the sad transfer of Vodbull from Snobs.

Snobs will always be in our hearts, but Rosies, you’re growing on me.

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Thumbs up for Rosies

Urban Village transformed into Circo

There is still lots of confusion about Circo. Most people, nostalgic of the 2am visits on a Friday night, still call it Urban.

Rainbow was closed down forever

I don't want to talk about this. I'm crying still.

Please Birmingham, give me something to make the pain go away.

That time a fresher got a VK tattoo

Odds on never ends well and for one Birmingham fresher that meant getting a VK tattoo. I give this guy credit, he rightfully shows the world the VK love it deserves.

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We found out Gemma Collins could be teaching your 9am

Well not the actual TV reality star, but we did find out there's a lecturer at UoB called Gemma Collins.

If you study education, keep an eye out for UoB's next BNOC.

We had to say farewell to the Old Library

Saying goodbye to the old library was one of the biggest heartbreaks of the year.

With the confirmation that we were never going to get that extra seating space, and having to deal with those awkward wonders around the new library to actually find a seat make the loss so much worse.

Roosters got one hell of a revamp

Everyone’s fave post night out stop off had a nice little revamp over the summer and it's definitely one of the best changes to happen in Selly.

If only we could actually remember our glorious trips there.

Greggs hosted the biggest party on broad Street

Magically, a UoB student managed to get Greggs to host a party where they all got free pasties.

But, sorry where was my invite?

We all missed out here

Let’s hope 2018 brings many more wacky and wonderful dramas to the lives of us UoB students.