Birmingham fresher gets a VK tattoo after losing a game of odds on

He couldn’t afford to get a flavour coloured in


A UoB fresher has made his love for alcopops permanent by getting a tattoo of a bottle of VK.

The student and his friend were bored and sober in their accommodation in Liberty Gardens when they decided to play a game of odds on.

Not content with usual stakes of downing a drink, the boys decided one of them would have to get a tattoo of a drink – a VK, no less – as the forfeit.

Both called 15 at the same time, and the student now has a bottle of VK etched on his skin forever more.

“There was no flavour on the bottle because I couldn’t afford a colour tattoo,” he told the Tab Birmingham.

“Obviously yellow VKs are the best, but I didn’t want yellow skin, so I would’ve got red or green if I could afford it.”

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The tattoo, in all its flavourless glory

True to his word, the student headed down to a tattoo parlour the next afternoon, forking out £40 for the privilege. “A bottle of VK is a jokes tattoo because everyone loves a VK”, he says, remaining chipper.

After deciding that “having it on my bum would be bait because everyone does it,” he settled for his thigh.

The Tab Birmingham spoke to the artist behind the masterpiece, Jake, of Jake’s Tattoo Studio, who called it “one of the weirdest requests I’ve had.”

“I don’t really do that sort of thing, definitely not a drinks bottle. It was quite outrageous to be honest”, he said.

Who knows what tattoo the next game of odds on will lead to.