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Nazi imitators at Snobs leave fellow clubbers disgusted and offended

They were photographed doing the Nazi salute

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Clubbers were left disgusted on Wednesday night after a group of males were spotted on the dance-floor of Birmingham nightclub Snobs repeatedly doing the Nazi salute.

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Stace Little, who later posted about the incident on Facebook, said she first spotted a lone dancer making the offensive gesture and thought he was just a "lone idiot". However, it soon escalated until the whole group were doing mini versions of the gesture and even posing for pictures.

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It is thought that no-one actually confronted the men, with Stace saying to The Tab that she felt too intimidated to approach them "in case they truly were racist".

Stace told The Tab:

"They even saw the look of repulsion we gave them, but continued in their highly offensive behaviour.

"I wish I had confronted them at the time, but being of mixed race and unsure if they were being ignorant and in poor taste, or ignorant and right wing, I did not want to approach them in case they truly were racist."

"Other people definitely saw them, but I didn’t witness anyone challenge them. I think it’s such a powerful gesture that represents so much hatred that people were either in dismay or questioned whether these lads were right wing and if it would be wise to challenge them."

"I am in utter shock to see young people behaving in such a manner; did they never have a history lesson? They soured the evening really as my friend and I were aghast that this was the behaviour of people at a club which had held so many fond memories for us when we were students."

'It’s the most ignorant behaviour I have ever witnessed.'

The group continued with their offensive behaviour for well over an hour and were reportedly right in front of the DJ booth, in plain view of staff.

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Stace's post has been shared into the University of Birmingham's Fab 'N' Fresh page and has received over 100 engagements already. While some posters criticised others for being too sensitive, others were clearly shocked and disgusted at the ignorance of those involved.

Some posters have suggested that the gestures were not meant offensively but were in fact 'clearly taking the piss' of the Nazi's rather than advocating their causes.

A statement from Snobs said: "This incident was not reported to us on the night and no members of staff observed it taking place.

"We do not condone this behaviour and if it had been reported to management on the night then we would have asked those involved to leave the premises."

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