The bin strike is finally ending and we couldn’t be happier

Collections will resume from Monday

On Monday October 9, 2017 the bins of Selly Oak will be collected. After three long months worth of strikes the drama seems to have come to a halt.

Refuse workers, who are striking to protest against alleged plans to make over 120 workers redundant temporarily resumed normal service on August 16, after the council agreed certain posts would not be made redundant.

However, the respite was short-lived and after redundancy notices were still issued to certain workers on August 31, the strike resumed once more on September 1, just in time for hundreds of students returning to Selly Oak.

After rumours spread that the strike could continue into the New Year, residents were simply told that their bins would be collected ‘as soon as possible’, despite the streets piling high with bin bags.

While some kind landlords helped out their tenants by taking waste to their nearby recycling centres and tips, many students without such transport were left with piles of rotting rubbish.

However, it was announced yesterday that the collections would return to normal from Monday October 9, with the council working throughout the night to clear the excess waste. Black bins will be emptied on the usual day each week, with recycling and garden waste continuing to be collected fortnightly.

The strike saw the Birmingham City Council leader John Clancy (Labour) step down at the beginning of September after having failed to resolve the issues, and in November the council as a whole will face trial to determine whether it acted unlawfully.

Alas, students rejoice!