Meet the UoB second year who’s starting a Wetherspoon’s society

Cheap booze and food, who’s up for Spoons then?

Are you bored with the all the mind numbingly dull societies UoB has to offer? Have no fear, your prayers have been answered. Spoons Soc is coming and finally we can all be happy.

With an already impressive following, Spoons Soc has already gained 160 members and is probably going to be the society you want to join immediately .

The Tab spoke to second year Nursing student, Megan Hurst , the mastermind behind it all.

Why did you decide to create a Spoons society?

"The main reason was because some of our best nights have begun at Spoons. It's such a fun place and really chilled if you just want to casually drink. Spoons is also very student friendly with cheap drinks and great pitchers! I love it because, obviously it's cheap, the food is really good and every time I'm there I have a good time."

Why Spoons in particular?

"Spoons is for all ages, it's cheap, has great beer gardens, good food and there's always a great vibe! It's open all day, everyday and we always have a lot of fun when there. Also, the Spoons environment is much more enjoyable than being at pre drinks or at a club – you can always have a chat and everyone is always merry!"

Did you come up with the society on your own or with friends?

"We came up with the society after a few drinks. A couple of my mates all helped decide, it was originally a joke but people were actually really keen for it to happen."

Have you planned anything for when term starts?

"The plan is is that we're aiming to meet every other Friday for drinks and food at the local Spoons, then once we have a reliable and established group we're going to do big day trips to see some other great Spoons in the UK."

Get the drinks in lads

Get the drinks in lads

Are you going to try and get recognised by the uni?

"I would love for our Spoons society to get recognised by UoB. Hopefully the Guild will do that when we become a bit more established and have everything up and running."

Do you have a branch of Spoons in mind to set up base?

"We would start at the figure of eight on Broad Street and then see what happens!"

Would you be interested if Spoons in Birmingham wanted to collaborate with you?

"Yes I would be very interested, I think that would be great if we worked together."

Will there be initiations?

"I haven't thought much about that yet, but I guess it'll have something to do with downing some classic Spoons pitchers."

Have you got a Facebook page? How many members do you have?

"Yes, we do have a Facebook page with around 160 members so far."

See you at the next meeting.