Pictured: Game of Thrones’ Bran Stark spotted in the Duck and Scholar

Rumour confirmed, winter has come

Yesterday, The Tab exclusively revealed that Game of Thrones' Bran Stark – known in real life as Isaac Hempstead Wright – is a fresher at the University of Birmingham.

Today, we can bring you a picture of the actor and heir to Winterfell enjoying a night out at the Duck and Scholar, a Birmingham campus bar, confirming that he's out doing Freshers' and ready to take on university, as well as the White Walkers.

Hempstead Wright was drinking with his flatmates in the Duck and Scholar around 10pm last night. Employees of Troop, a new student app, were out promoting and meeting students in morphsuits when they bumped into the star.

Henry Lawrence, a member of the Troop team in the morphsuits explains his experience to The Tab: "We were running around the Duck and Scholar, giving out sweets and having fun with the students. We spotted none other than Bran Stark, sitting with his mates having a drink.

"He seemed to be having a great time after we gave him and his mates a ton of sweets. Whilst we were there we grabbed a photo with him."

Let's just hope the rumours about him being the Night's King aren't true, otherwise we're all screwed.