Why getting ready is obviously the best part to any night out

I’m not vain, it’s true

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Before you all assume I’m a boring, self-obsessed, I’m-too-cool-to-have-fun type of gal, I am not. I do in fact really enjoy the night out part of the night out. But, even if you don’t want to admit it, getting ready for a night out is one of life’s pleasures that usually gets forgotten after about seven rum and cokes. You’ll remember the boy you snogged, tripping up in the taxi on the way home and looking in the mirror at the absolute state you are at 4am, but you never remember the best bit. The getting ready bit where you and your mates look fit and can actually take an ‘Instagrammable’ photo. Why is getting ready the best? I’ll tell you why.

Looking fresh with a full face of makeup

Okay, so this one mainly depends on how much time you have to get ready before a night out. The more time you have, the more time you have to perfect your third attempt at contouring. If you do manage to set aside a couple of hours before a night out, it really is an underrated joy. You have a few hours solely to yourself to get glammed up and by the time its pre-drinks, you can tick off your hair looking lush, your hot outfits choice and your makeup done- what’s not to love? Your fierce flicked eyeliner, your perfectly blended eye shadow and that glowing highlight makes you feel good like no man can. You’ve transformed from a six to a nine and realistically, nobody can tell you that you don’t look good because you know you do.

Not getting into rainbow without some glitter.

The photos

You have attempted to get the perfect squad pic for what feels like years but now. This is your moment. Do not screw it up. Nobody wants a picture in a dark, dingy club with Clarissa who has cried too much and now has mascara running down her face. You need to take the picture, literally minutes after getting ready. Quick, before you get a SULA. Nobody has chunned, nobody has cried, nobody has sweated their attractiveness away. Getting ready is the perfect time for that insta-worthy photo that can secure your memories of what you think you looked like that night.

Get your squad ready.

The gossip

You haven’t seen your best friend for weeks and she has now acquired six new fuckboys, two new tinder dates and is secretly going out with Clarissa’s man. All of which you are yet to hear about. When you’re in the club, the slurred drunken words don’t depict the sheer drama of it all. That is if you don’t lose everyone before you even get a chance to hear the goss. When you’re getting ready, zipping each other up or curling the others hair, it’s also the perfect time to hear all the gossip. Whilst we don’t like to be involved in the drama, don’t we all love to hear about it.

The music

Music is compulsory when you are getting ready for a night out. When you’re in the club, the majority of us are too drunk to even remember what songs were being played throughout the night. When you’re getting ready, the song choice is yours. You’re able to be in a truly content place, acting like the true weirdo you are whilst singing along to your favourite high school musical songs that would have never been played in the club.

We all know it.

On a serious note, getting ready is the best part of a night out because you spend a few hours pampering yourself, catching up with good friends and listening to some weird but good music. Most of us are usually too drunk to remember what actually happens during the night, but we are able to remember the conversations and laughs we have when getting ready.