UoB students tell us who they’re going to vote for in tomorrows election

The answers were mixed

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In April, Theresa May shocked us all by announcing a snap election in the midst of unsettling Brexit negotiations. The election on June 8, will see Theresa May leading the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party battle it out for the votes.

As young people play a vital role in this election, we spoke to some UoB students and asked them who they are going to vote for, or if they’re going to vote at all.

“Jeremy is great, his interview with Jeremy Paxman last week was amazing –  he came across so well. I genuinely believe he wants to create a fair society and isn’t greedy like the rest of them.”


“I don’t think I’m going to vote. Having compared most of the manifestos it seems like none of their goals are realistic. I wish there was a party or a person that could actually make a difference.”


“She’s got it, yeah baby she’s got it. She’s my Venus, she’s the fire of my desire. I’m voting for Theresa Bae.”


“I voted for Lib Dems because I essentially didn’t agree with Labour and Conservative manifestos. I feel like they’re the more moderate answer between the two.”


“Theresa May is evil. Jeremy seems like the best hope of young people.”


“I was tactical and did it by postal vote so I could get rid of my local, thieving, Brexit loving Tory MP. I voted Lib Dem.”


“I’m a student so I’m voting for Labour. I’m voting for them to benefit the wider community rather than just myself. I’d also rather not live my whole life in debt.”


“I don’t actually have the right to vote in the UK because I’m from Canada, but from what I’ve read I would never want Theresa May to be my Prime Minister.”

Remember, vote tomorrow.