Corbyn comes to Birmingham

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn came to Birmingham this weekend ahead of the general election on June 8th. He led a major rally in the city centre which saw an estimated 700 people in attendance.

Just before noon, the labour leader repeated the issues raised by the Labour manifesto with emphasis on building 1 million new homes, investing in new skills, a triple lock pension guarantee and a tax rise for high earners.

Corbyn highlighted raising the incomes of 5.7 million people earning less than the living wage to £10 an hour by 2020, as well as delivering safe staffing levels within the NHS. But the greatest applause was given after announcing the Labour pledge to scrap tuition fees.

Corbyn also took a firm stance against the Tories, calling them out on pitching the young against the old and adding that their campaign was “unravelling” as people are realising their dissatisfaction with the current government.

Furthermore, it seems the Conservatives manifesto is working against them, due to the ‘anti-pensioner package’, which will affect social care funding and universal winter fuel allowances. Corbyn gladly used these aspects to call on the Tory leaders to re-think some of the policies featured in their manifesto.

It’s only three weeks until the next general election which will take place on the 8th of June and politicians are out in full force to win the votes. As ever, opinions mean very little if you don’t vote so make sure you sign up to vote or for the postal vote to have your say.