How to vote as a UoB student

Register to vote by the 22nd May

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As I’m sure you’re aware, there is a major event occurring on the 8th June this year, a general election. This is your chance to have a say in the political leadership and ultimately, running of the country. You must register by the 22nd May if you want to vote in the general election!

Every eligible voter can vote for 1 candidate to represent their local area and the candidate with the most votes becomes the MP of that area. In turn, the leader of each party with the most MPs will become Prime Minister.

How to register:

  1. Have an interest in YOUR future
  2. Go to
  3. You may need your National Insurance Number or Passport
  4. Fill in the information required (it literally takes no longer than 5 minutes)
  5. As a student, you can be registered to vote at your home and term-time address however you CANNOT vote twice in a general election
  6. Know your parties, MP candidates and party leaders
  7. Go to St Francis Hall’s Worship Room (next to Guild) between 7am-10pm on the 8th June to vote

Voting is such an important part of our society and is a privilege to have so don’t let this opportunity go to waste.