The Tab meets Tom Shorterz

He’s headlining Chapter XIII at The Rainbow Venues in April

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If you’re a regular at The Rainbow Venues then you’ve probably seen him live before. DJ Tom Shorterz has been around for over a decade now and has worked one of the longest residencies at The Rainbow Venues. He’s become a big and widely respected name throughout Birmingham and the midlands, founding club brand 02.31, sharing line ups with massive names such as Annie Mac and performing sets in Ibiza and Canada.

DJ Tom Shorterz has made a big name for himself throughout the past decade at Rainbow

In April he will be headlining Chapter XIII festival at The Rainbow Venues alongside Jamie Jones, and other big house names. Hoping to follow on from its success last year, Chapter XIII will take place under the Rainbow archways featuring labels such as Leftfoot.

He took the time to speak to The Tab about his native city Birmingham and his upcoming music ventures:

When and why did you begin DJing?

I was into UKG and used to attempt to MC around the under 18s Garage events that used to be on. When Garage turned into straight Grime, I found my self looking for more of a variety. I tuned my FM radio to pirate station ‘Silk City FM’ and heard ‘Joe Hunt & Dean Curtis’ playing a mixture of Uplifting House & Speed Garage, from there onwards I thought this is what I want to do… play and collect this style of music. Bought my first records off my brother and went from there.

How has starting out in Birmingham impacted your sound?

Birmingham Pirate Radio has played a huge part from when I was a teenager at school. It helped expose underground sounds, then as I said, when I heard the uplifting side of House and dark Speed garage Basslines (which Brum has a deep history of) it laid down my early musical roots.

The Rainbow Warehouse has been home to some of your incredible music ventures, including 02:31, what does the venue mean to you?

Rainbow really is a magical place, it’s raw, it’s underground, the atmosphere is incredible. My residency, I think I’ve been one of the longest serving residents – started playing regular in 2008 so it’s a home from home.

What is it about The Rainbow Venues that makes it so special to Birmingham and the national clubbing scene?

It’s always changing and evolving and developing different spaces within Digbeth. I think without the Rainbow, Digbeth would still be nothing but disused warehouses. It’s put Birmingham on the map. Cutting edge underground artists who only play best places in the world all want to pick Rainbow and this is due to the charm the pure buzz and energy which goes on down there as a venue .

What would you say has been a career highlight so far?
Playing in Tokyo and my show on Rinse FM .

Who would it be a dream for you to work with?

I think Todd Edwards would be magical , or I would love to put Daft Punk in the Arena.

You work with Rinse FM in London as well, whats next on the agenda for you with the station?

Currently looking at a Birmingham ‘Rinse Brum’ type show, and also maybe a little world wide tour …. more to come on that at a later stage. My show is the last Tuesday of every month so I try to get as many guests on as I can from all sounds and styles I enjoy.

You’re DJing Chapter XIII in April this year – Can you tell us a bit about that? Is it likely to be bigger than Chapter XII last year?

I am playing on the ‘White Men Can’t Funk’ stage which is covering all things Disco, Funk, Boogie, Hip Hop straight up party tunes / Social Club riddims. Last year is gonna be hard to beat but The Rainbow will pull it off for sure. Line up is masssssive!

This could be you

Anyone in particular you’re looking forward to seeing at the festival? 

Mood II Swing will be a first for me. I just hope they play their older stuff . 

What does the future hold for Tom Shorterz? 

I launched After Dark this year which is a party that is intimate and dark. Just BIG sound systems away from the stage shows that 02.31 does a solid job of. Also a new night called ‘Cheese & Pickle’ which is straight vinyl business. I’m going to be playing US / UKG House & Garage stuff I don’t think anyone has ever covered in Birmingham so it’s an exciting project. 

Also I’m finishing off an EP for four 40 records also and I’m on BB1 1Xtra along side DJ Target in March.

Tickets available for Chapter XIII via skiddle