UoB loses first round of University Challenge quarter-finals

Greenlees’ fire has burnt out

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At 8pm last night, the team representing the University of Birmingham competed in the quarter-finals of the quiz show, University Challenge. The team played against Edinburgh University for a place in the semi-finals of the national student quiz. UoB supporters who attended the live screening of the show in Joes, must have been disappointed when they lost the round.

University Challenge, presented by Jeremy Paxman, is a weekly, academic quiz show intended for university students to participate in teams of four. Last year’s former champion of the show was Peterhouse College from Cambridge. UoB took part in episode 28 of this series and unfortunately, lost the first round of the quarter-finals. Team UoB must win the second round of the quarter-finals in order to stand a chance in entering the semi-finals.

The Edinburgh team included students Dale, Smith, Boyle and Goddard, whilst students representing Birmingham were Jan-Smith, Sutherland, Greenlees and Rouse. Greenlees was appointed captain for UoB and gained the most points for the team.

Team UoB started extremely well when Greenlees answered the first starter question correctly. It was very close between the teams for the entire round as UoB were only behind by 5-10 points.

Sadly, Edinburgh won the round in the end, when they finished with 220 points compared to 125 points for Birmingham.

Commiserations to the team, we wish you best of luck for the next quarter-final round. UoB still have a chance to proceed to the semi-finals.

The episode is available for 29 days on iPlayer if you missed the show.