I failed at Dry January and that’s okay

*ring ring* … “It’s the sesh calling”

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  • Better sleep!
  • You’ll be more productive!
  • Exercise more!
  • Save all the dosh!

These were just some of the many promising items on my list to keep me motivated during the crappest month of the year. With Christmas over, and NYE designated as the last big blow out, Dry January was meant to be hangover-free.

I lasted six consecutive days without alcohol, something I am personally proud of. However, as a student and someone who lives not far from The Goose, saying no to a ‘cheeky one’ down the pub probably wasn’t going to happen.

Before you condemn, I did manage to stay dry sporadically throughout the month, but deadlines ended on the 12th so that had to be celebrated. My friend had planned a house party for weeks, so I knew that was going to be a session. Then there was that event in Digbeth on the 28th… you get the idea.

Oktogon Bar – Knowle

Being sober when everyone else is drunk is not fun. Hearing plans for a massive piss-up knowing you cannot drink… lacks excitement. My parents didn’t help the situation either when I returned home for a family birthday party.

I had told everyone I was doing it, I presume for motivation, but also for the pressure of people’s disappointment if I failed; something I built up in my head massively. No-one really cared when I broke Dry January. I had accepted that I had failed, but would continue to use the ‘Dry January’ app and see how much I could save when I did have a night off.

Aluna Bar – Birmingham Mailbox

It’s a decent challenge for a long cold winter month post Christmas festivities. I respect anyone who completed more of Dry January, or even did the whole thing. Life is too short and if you’re already setting yourself up for failure, it’s not worth it.

I saved £121 and felt rather healthy during my week off considering NYE was an absolute myth. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the challenge, but I secretly (selfishly) wanted everyone to do it with me. This of course was never going to be the case. I guess sometimes it might be a case of fomo… or maybe I just really like a gin.