Apply for the Tab Blind Date

We’ll get you a bae just in time for Valentine’s Day

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The winter months are hard for singletons. Your student house is freezing without a cuddle buddy, your Nan asked you why you were still single at Christmas, and your housemates, who promised you’d be a ‘single lad(ie)s’ house, are slowly pairing off just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t you dare get boyfriends

The 14th of February is approaching and Tinder, somehow, is getting shitter. You’re swiping right, left, right but no one is catching your eye.

But it’s OK. The good old reliable and unpretentious Tab has got your back. We know dating is hard. We know University life is better with a bae, so we’ve set up The Tab Blind Date.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures

We’ll be matchmaking University of Birmingham students and sending you on a date to one of our favourite Birmingham locations.

Following up on this you’ll be asked to answer a few questions about your experience for a short feature.

To apply simply follow the link below and we’ll be in touch shortly.