Battle of Selly Oak’s takeaways – the results

What a shocker


In a year that has seen Britain leave the EU, and Donald Trump become the President of the United States, Roosters has been named the best takeaway in Selly Oak. The greasy, oily, and frankly unhygienic takeaway has blown away the competition with 23% of the vote. Perhaps, the cheap meal deals, quick service and juicy fried chicken won it for Roosters House. The title proves two things that can sum up Selly Oak residents: 1) They are skint and 2) They have no shame when it comes to food standards.

Why bother trekking all the way here...

It is clear that the residents of Selly Oak love their chicken, with three chicken shops in the top 6. After a long hard day of endless lectures and assignment deadlines, some greasy chicken is  a perfect cure. Long live the chicken and its popularity.

Moving down the unhealthy pecking order, Yakinori took silver, and Dixy Chicken stole bronze. Yakinori has only recently joined the long list of Selly Oak takeaways, with its unique Japanese branding and food, it is no surprise that it did well in the contest. The Subway-style take away option gives you your perfect combo of a rice/noodle dish. Dixy Chicken meanwhile is a standard takeaway with true finger licking chicken, that will leave you wanting more. Perhaps for these takeaways to overtake Roosters they need a sob story (being burnt down) and of course a bad reputation – everyone loves an underdog.

The worst of the bunch were: Deli ‘n’ Shake, Papa John’s, Ming Wah, Tin Sing Chinese and Pizza Bite all with less than 1% of the vote. Pizza Bite unfortunately goes home with the wooden spoon with 0.21% of the vote. Pizza Bite hasn’t yet got the status of a big Selly Oak takeaway, and unfortunately it is clear to see why. The photos on the front of the shop look like a 1980s advert, there is not enough grease on the food (no one gets a pizza for health reasons), there aren’t many deals, and finally it isn’t on Bristol Road – what other roads are there?

Remember the date 3/12/2016 the day Roosters took the Selly Oak Takeaway crown, have a number seven on me – Congratulations Roosters.