UoB’s Wildest Halls: Results

You won’t believe who’s won

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Last week, we asked you to vote for which halls are the wildest and the craziest at Brum. Many stories were told in the process, such as a select individual deciding to take a dump right in the hallway in Chamberlain, along with tense flat wars in Oakley Court. Now, the results are in.

In last place, with just 0.98% of the votes, is Elgar Court, the seemingly most tame halls on the Vale.

Meanwhile, in third place, with 13.48% of the votes, is Maple Bank. Looks like sending cake on a string across to the flat opposite has gone down a treat.


That tin can phone is deserving of 3rd place

In second place, with a whopping 24.89% of the votes is Tennis Courts! In opinion of many jealous people living in other halls across the Vale, it is often said that Tennis Courts is where the party is it.

This is why the winner of UoB’s wildest halls may come as a bit of a surprise. A dark horse pipped Tennis Courts to the post!

So, with 25.23% of the votes, the winner is Liberty Living!