Best roads for house parties in Selly Oak

It’s all about Tiverton and Bournebrook Road

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The best thing about moving to Selly Oak is the age old tradition of house parties. So fear not first years as life only gets better when you move out of the safety of Edgebaston. These are some of the roads to look out for when you’re choosing your new home.

Selly Park Road

Its just way too far away, especially when it’s freezing outside and there’s closer house parties to go to. How do they even make it to lectures?


Hubert Road

Also known as one of the most dangerous roads in Selly Oak due to the series of muggings earlier this year, a house being broken into, as well as the guy who was caught trying to masturbate by a house. So if you go to a house party on this road, make sure to keep your belongings hidden, be observant and stay safe. Apart from that, parties here have a decent reputation. 

selly hubert road

Exeter Road

Being close to Campus Wines and the train station is definitely a plus, but the road can be a little quiet. However, if you like to get a good night’s rest in between all the rowdy antics then this one’s a safe bet. 

Another night in with friends. As in the TV show.

Harrow Road

This ones pretty great thanks to the fact that it has Roosters at the end of it for when you’re on the way home for the night and fancy a delicious, yet definitely unsanitary, burger, or your hungover the next day. Let’s face it, all the best nights out end at Roosters.

Why bother trekking all the way here...

Tiverton Road

The mysterious seemingly endless road in Selly that almost everyone you know lives on or ‘just round the corner from’. Everyone knows exactly where it is and how to get there. They say it’s the people that make the party and if so this one is definitely sitting right near the top of the list. You’re bound to spend most of your time pree-ing on this road you’ll hardly have time to explore what else Selly has to offer.


Dawlish Road

The heart of Selly, known for its ability to party right on into the night. It’s sketchy, dangerous and everything you wish you could be. You’re frightened to walk down there alone at night, but you risk it all anyway because you know a night out on Dawlish is always unforgettable. At least that’s what everyone will tell you the next morning.


Bournebrook Road

Aren’t these folks just the life of the party, there’s always something epic looking going on over there, shame you weren’t invited.

I promise I don't just wear socks on nights out

Teignmouth Road

Can you really be bothered to climb up that hill though? You know you’ll only be sweaty and exhausted by the time you get there maybe your just better off staying at home.