Super Hans played a DJ set in Birmingham

Crowd members left feeling so amped they might run to Windsor

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On Friday the 21st of October, Peep Show’s Super Hans played a sell out DJ set at the Hare and Hounds in King’s Heath.

Shortly after the excitement of Bieber’s arrival in Brum, Super Hans graced Birmingham with his spectacular presence and ketty beats.

Super Hans, AKA Matt King started his tour on October 13th in Sheffield following successful shows at Glastonbury & Leeds festival

Speaking to NME the Peep Show legend said: “watching me do a set is like watching acid take over a human mind.”

As a result, expectations for his tour were high – but he didn’t disappoint.

Super Hans and ketty beats

Super Hans in action

The Tab spoke to some of the lucky UoB students who went. One student, Chris Walker, said: “it was fairly moreish, he also told me he loved me so that was pretty good.”

Another student, Kimberley Irving, told the Tab: “It was a kind of numinous experience. The sort which makes you remember that you are living your glory days right now. The sort which makes shouting ‘free the paedos’ seem entirely appropriate.

“He created a powerful sense of everything but dread. There were far less drugs than expected but the atmosphere and the ketty beats made drugs seem unnecessary.

“Everyone bathed in the glory of him together, we danced like no one was watching despite the fact we were staring intently into each other’s eyes trying to communicate feelings of unadulterated gratitude. I left feeling so amped I might accidentally run to Windsor.”

If you want to see Super Hans for yourself, head down to Liverpool, Bristol, or Stoke-on-Trent where he’s playing next.

Remaining Super Hans… ALIVE! tour dates:

October 25th – Liverpool, 24 Kitchen Street

October 26th – Bristol, Marble Factor

October 28th– Stoke-on-Trent, The Sugarmill

November 24th– Plymouth, The Hub

November 26th– Exeter, Phoenix

November 27th Southampton, Engine Rooms

November 29th – Leamington Spa, The Assembly

November 30th – Reading, Sub89