Don’t judge me for wearing gym clothes to lectures

Who cares if I haven’t even exercised today

gym the tab uni UoB

I wear my gym clothes to uni whenever I want to, and you shouldn’t have a problem with it. I mean, when it’s a 9am lecture and only half the class turn up at,  joggers are more than socially acceptable. So please don’t judge me for not actually going to the gym and ‘working out’.


I might turn up in Nikes, but it’s only because they’re comfier and more practical to lounge around in than smart little ankle boots from first year. I could argue that I’m wearing Nikes because that’s now the fashion trend. But we all know thats not true. I’m just in that oh-so familiar final year phase where you struggle to remember why you are even studying your course at uni while  panicking about what you’ll do after graduation. So, excuse me if I don’t iron my shirt for class. Just be grateful I actually signed the register and managed to survive an hour’s worth of being an information-absorbing robot. I even contributed in the seminar, so cut me some slack if I’m in my comfies.


Don’t even wanna be here

Yes, gym wear is for the gym, but it is also the best loungewear available. I don’t go to the gym, yet I’m not ashamed to walk through the library barriers to go and study in my gym wear. Comfort results in easier concentration. Besides, uni and it’s many libraries aren’t a fashion show. They’re for studying. So excuse me if I prioritise comfort over how I look.

While talking about loungewear, lets take a moment to appreciate the University of Birmingham jumpers. I mean, talk about killing two birds with one stone. Who needs the ‘smart and attentive’ look when you can feel the motivation literally written on you. These glorious hoodies will remind you why you’re here…you know, to study for that degree you wanted three years ago.


So instead of moaning about the comfy clothes I wear, just accept that it’s okay to come to uni in gym clothes.