A comprehensive guide to the pubs in Selly Oak

The best places to get drunk five minutes from your house

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Selly Oak is a known hub of pubs, bars and places to eat. The pubs in Selly vary from the cheap and cheerful, to the slightly more fancy – but they all have good drinks deals on at some point in the week, and there’s always something going on. To help guide you to your perfect evening, the Tab has put together a handy guide to what goes on each night in the Selly pubs:


Monday is never going to be the biggest night in Selly Oak. Let’s be honest, there’s nowhere really to go out after a trip to the pub, and it’s the start of a new week.

If you’re still feeling the need for a glass of something to get you through that 9am seminar, or if you just really like ale and want a night to appreciate it’s finery, then Cask night at the Country Girl is the place to go. A little out of the way for some, and off the beaten Bristol Road track, this pub at the top of Selly is a find. Cosy and comfortable Monday nights are dedicated to Ale.

Who could say no to that beauty

Who could say no to that beauty

They even include their Embers Inn Pale Ale in the deal, which offers a quality pint for £2.49 all day every Monday, which means that the Country Girl is our Monday destination.

If beer isn’t your thing and you’re too dedicated to Player’s on a Tuesday, then the Soak also does it’s pub quiz on a Monday night. There are great drinks deals all night, and a variety of different rounds and themes – you might even surprise yourself and win it. There’s some pretty incredible food on offer too – the house platter, which offers: wings, scampi, garlic mushrooms and much more is the perfect brain food to get you pumped.


It’s Tuesday night and you’re not going to Stuesdays. Maybe the Drinks to Go man ran out, or maybe you can’t face walking into Players for another week – but fear not, Urban Village has got your back.

They have a pub quiz every Tuesday, and offer some pretty generous drinks deals throughout the week. The first place cash prize for the quiz is £100, and given that you can get Carlsberg, Smirnoff and a small glass of wine for 99p each, and Strongbow or Fosters for £1.65, it seems like a solid idea to have a go.

Pretty solid incentive!

Pretty solid incentive


It’s Sports night. Those of us who made the team are dressed as a leopard, or wandering around Selly in a bin bag, but for the less physically able among us there’s still the chance to have a great night.

The Goose is the perfect place to unwind with a couple of drinks. There’s sports on the TV, pool tables and some solid drinks deals – so why not spend your mid week beer session here?

Quiet night at the pub is suddenly gone

Quiet night at the pub is suddenly gone

With deals like 4 bombs for £8, two bottles for £6 and my favourite 2 for 1 cocktails after 5pm, the Goose has a lot to offer – especially considering it’s sat right in the centre of Selly, so you won’t have too far to stagger home.


Looking for something slightly different, a place to practice your X-Factor audition, or just to listen to some seriously questionable/incredible 90’s pop remixes? The S’oak on a Thursday night hosts an open mic night to satisfy your live music needs. From 8:45pm you can sign up to take part, or just head down anytime after 9pm to have a listen and a few drinks.


It’s the best place to catch Selly’s up and coming musicians, play a bit of pool, and just have a chilled few drinks.

If live music isn’t how you want to spend your evening, or you really want to have a cosy catchup without a guitar solo in the background, the Pear’s Craft Cocktails night is a must. This deal offers both pitchers and glasses of your favourite Cocktails. Get down early though – the deal doesn’t last all night, and pitcher jugs go pretty fast. If Cocktails aren’t for you, the deal extends to Craft Beer and whether it’s a pitcher or a pint, the Pear’s got your back.screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-26-32


And last but not least, Friday nights. The Pear, revamped last year with screens, pool tables and even board games, the perfect place to unwind from your busy week. The food here is amazing so head down early and attempt their Dirty Burger, a challenge for even the biggest meat lover out there. Their trays are also something to behold so for the inner foodie in you, and for more Instagram opportunities than your phone knows how to handle, spend your Friday nights chatting, playing drunk operation and eating great food.

Wining and dining at the Pear

Wining and dining at the Pear

On Fridays, the Pear is also host to Abandon Fridays, run by LUMSoc. Head upstairs for a night of live music, which finishes with a DJ set.