Conman attempts to scam student in Selly Oak

Don’t talk to strangers guys

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A probable conman set out to trick Brum student Damon Morris into giving him money on Saturday night. The incident took place in Selly Oak just before 9pm, across the road from Roosters.
Damon told the Tab: “It happened yesterday evening on Bristol Road. The bloke asked me if I knew the area to lure me in, and made me think he was asking for directions.
“He made up some story about his stag night and that the crew left him in Birmingham and tied him to a lamp post. He showed me a terrible ring that could never be a real engagement ring. Looked aluminium.
“He wanted money for a bus to near Bristol so he could get married tomorrow. He tried to act pally and suggested he was from near my home town. As soon as I started to try and leave, he asked if I respected the armed forces to try and manipulate me.
“I posted on Fab n Fresh just to try and help prevent somebody drunk, or just on a bad day, from actually getting conned by this man. The first comment on my post was a Selly Oak officer who recommended I should inform the police, so I called 101.”

If anyone has any additional information about the probable conman, they can contact West Midlands Police on 101 like Damon did or call Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111.