Clubbers of the week: Welcome Week special

We’re back, bitches

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As students return to Birmingham, it is no surprise that they headed straight to the clubs and featured in some excellent club photos.

Here are some of the best moments you freshers had during arguably, the craziest week of uni:

Sneeze of the week

Don’t hold back

Chug of the week

Or should I say ‘most passionate chug’

Most affectionate hug

Maybe save the spooning for later

Most embarrassing moment of the week

“Oh, shit”

Best motherly moment

“Now, when you get in the club, don’t order too many tequila shots”

Best dance move

Best pose of the week

“P is for how paralytic we’re gonna get.”

Saddest clubbers of the week

“Why did we think this costume choice would be a good idea?”

Best group photo

“We’re sober so our outfit has stayed amazing”

Cutest couple of the week

I almost didn’t notice your injured thumb

Best kiss

“I don’t need no man”

Sweatiest clubber of the week

And you’re just going to get more sweaty

Most random object of the week

“Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce my date for the night.”

Best selfie

Did it make it to Instagram, though?